Sunday, November 17, 2013

Been a while - Lots of Change

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update in a long time, a really long time.
We've been so busy.

This momma decided she wanted to try and get back into school. I'm so close to getting my nursing pre requisites done, that I just wanted to go for it in hopes of good grades. Though, this has left me a little absentminded about things that have gone on, so let me update in the shortest way I can.

Quinn's broviac got removed - after a fun time at the cancer center in our area, and them in turn popping his broviac(yes, straight out popping it. This thing that we were always told that IF this were to happen it would stereotypically-b-rated-horror-movie bleed out? Yeah. That.). This lead to an emergency 3 hour drive to Sacramento with the only thing keeping him from bleeding out was a hemostat attached to his chest. Seriously. A hemostat.
Oh so lovely piece of equipment. Roughly the entire size of my son's chest.
Then of course, we get there and these poor nurses are traumatized. The stupid hemostat was so large that it kept pulling the broviac underneath his skin. Oh lord. That's the most terrifying thing to see ever, a weird tube like instrument moving under his skin. It was like those horror movies where the worms are under skin. Yuck. 
This lead to a surgeon coming over that night, and suturing the tube closed since there was a rip in it. Literally. It was about 2 cm long. Terrifying. Of course, since the broviac was no longer acessable, we ended up having a 3 hour attempt to get an IV in, which lead to one in his head. But things went smoothly after that.

NO MORE CHEMO! - Did I say that with enough emphasis? No? Let me try again, NO MORE CHEMO!!!!!! Yes, you read that right. After the long grueling months we are done with chemo. It's a blessing in disguise. I never realized how much I hated chemo. Hate hate hate hate HATE. It was terrible, the puking, the crying, the sleepless nights - they are(pretty much) over at this point.

Quinn's hair is back - Can you believe it? He's got hair now! Like, REAL hair! Honestly, when we were going through everything I never really realized quite how much he lost. That he LITERALLY was bald. Until he grew it back, and my goodness. He's got HAIR!
Yes, mommy is cloth diapering again.
Other than that, I'm really not sure what's changed. He's different, of course. He started walking, cut a few more teeth, but he's just..different. He's not like normal baby's his age. He's just..different. I know, I've said that like 15 times now.

Hopefully, this next break won't be as long.

Until then.


  1. My son, Harry, was born 8/8/12 and was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma November 12th 2013. He had his left eye removed and is undergoing chemo to save the vision in the right eye which has 2 tumours inside it. It is hard to find anyone to speak to about this since it is so rare... but reading your blog and seeing the progress your boy has made is a big help :) Laura xx

    1. I'm so glad. That's why I made this. I might not be the best at updating it, but I do my best.