Friday, February 8, 2013


Today, my baby boy is now a 6 month old. Not only that, but today is the day after he had his eye removed.

So we went into the hospital yesterday around 6am. Had to be there in enough time to get everything settled. We had both my daughter, and son. So it was definitely an interesting morning. Neither one of them had eaten, and neither one of them understood what was going on.
Sitting in the waiting room was OK though!

Then when we finally got in the back where the pre-op area was, that's when the fun began! It was literally just my two kids in the back, and we were just waiting. There wasn't much to do. Both were hungry, becoming angry, and then the eye drops. That was the BEST part.
He chewed on everything that he could fathomably chew on.
After a while, lots of doctors, and more family showing up they finally started having me sign all the paper work for everything. Having me explain, which kind of made me upset. I understand he's losing his eye, I know which eye, I really do. So, why have me sit here and tell you? Shouldn't you know as well? 

Anyways. Around 7:30 they finally took him back. For a long, oh so very long time. I came back around the waiting room at 8:30 because the doctor who was actually going to remove the eye wanted to talk to me. Explain to me what was going to happen. Which I really didn't want to think about. Not only was it a miserable thing, I was so exhausted that my emotions were kind of on the peak. But I tried to hold it up.

Finally the original doctor came out around 11am to talk to us. She told me that the right eye was done mostly, but it they were closing up. However, the left eye, his good eye, still had the small tumors we had seen two weeks prior. When we first saw them, they were lasered by the doctor in a sort of emergent way. Well, they were still there. 

Only bad thing was, one of them had shrunk by 50%, but the other one had grown by that amount. Even with being lasered it still grew. So the thing about trying to avoid chemo? Good luck with that. We have to go back in next week on Friday. If the tumors are still there and/or have grown, we will be starting chemo the following week on Monday or Thursday. 

So we removed the eye, and he STILL will most likely need chemo. Also, the laser treatment apparently caused a slight bleed in his eye. Exacerbated by being put upside down in any way. 

Anyways, when he finally got out, he was OUT. He did not want to wake up at all. Honestly, neither one of the kids did. 
Originally, he had come out with a tube still down his throat and a breathing mask, but he was out for around an hour.

Watching my 2 year old like this, was worse than I expected. Apparently she has some retina discoloration, but it could be normal. So we have to wait on that.
As you can see, not the happiest thing ever, thank god for medicine.

He had that huge bandage on his eye until this morning. It was an attempt to keep him from getting to it in the majorly worrisome process. However, they've taken it off. It doesn't look that bad. It's not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Even looking inside the eyelid isn't that scary. I'm definitely surprised, in myself. That was one of my major concerns. 

As you can see, he's still decently content. He's still happy. But our road still isn't over. The biggest concern now is that I do not want him to lose his eye. If he loses his eye, then he'll be blind. Right now it's close to his primary area of vision, and getting closer. Hopefully he won't need chemo, and lasering it again helped. However, if it doesn't then we're going to do chemo. It's becoming a huge fight to save his vision, and I wish he wasn't so unlucky. :(


  1. I am keeping your family in our prayers. ((hugs))

  2. Praying hard that he gets to keep his left eye. Big hugs.

  3. Your children are beautiful. I can't imagine experiencing what you're going through. You and your family are very strong. I pray you all the best.