Monday, October 26, 2015


I may just be paranoid, or I might be right.

But I think Quinn is deteriorating

I think that things are getting worse.

He was potty training really well, and then all of the sudden he stopped doing so. He stopped doing it routinely. He was good for about two weeks, and now we are back in diapers. Now we are back to baby type times. I fear the worst in this case scenario.

On top of that, you can see his issues. He's running into walls more again, getting knocked over, disoriented, begging for naps, and just not acting "normal." Whatever level of normal there is for him. But it's scaring me.

This momma is terrified. I fear the worst. I fear there is a tumor. He's getting goose eggs like crazy, and just not oriented physically. It's reminding me of when he was undergoing treatment again.

And today, this momma had to put her cancer mom pants on again. The doctor on Friday said he needs to be seen by his old hospital and doctors at UC Davis. That it was urgent, and I should start making phone calls to get it started. So I did. Come to find out, they hadn't received anything from his doctor at all. So I called the doctors office, and apparently they didn't mark it as "urgent." The referral department proceeded to tell me that they will get to it when they can. Seriously? Brain cancer possibility and you're just going to give me a "we'll get to it when we get to it." No, that's not OK. So I spoke with the nurse, who at this point knows me very well, and explained to her. She said it was a matter of buttons, and that the doctor must have not clicked the right one.

I love her, by the way. Absolutely adore her. She fixed it, got it set up, AND spoke with the woman I spoke with in the referral department. I should be able to make those calls tomorrow to get everything situated. And trust me, they will hear from me every hour on the hour until I have what I want. Like I said, my cancer mom pants are back on, and shit will get done. No matter how hard I have to push. I'm not here for you to like me, I'm here for you to give me what I and my son need. I'm sorry if that bothers you.
Don't worry, I'm never an asshole. I just get blunt, and sometimes slightly curt with them. I know what I'm talking about. I guess having the experiences I have has put me in this position.

Not that I ever wanted to be in this position.

So here's to another day, another bought of problems, and another bought of fighting with medical professionals who feel the need to demean you.

Can I just say, for those of you who are in the medical profession - please don't disregard the parents thoughts and feelings. Doing that makes them feel like they are useless when it comes to their childs care, and does nothing to help the situation except maybe make them less likely to contact you with problems. Or stay with you for care.

And I'm speaking from a momma who is trying to get into nursing school. Who was in a nursing program, and understands. It's hard. Parents are hard. But in these times, we need your empathy, not your blindsided looking down upon.

That is all.

Until tomorrow.

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